Why Finding A Destin Contractor That is Licensed and Insured is Key When Luxury Home Remodeling

Why Finding A Destin Contractor That is Licensed and Insured is Key When Luxury Home Remodeling

There are many reasons why homeowners might choose to remodel, from making necessary repairs to upgrading the space or adding stunning luxury features. Remodeling can transform your Destin home into a glorious, lavish retreat, elevating the living experience while also increasing the value of your property at the closing table. In fact, 69% of homeowners feel increased enjoyment in their homes and a sense of accomplishment after a remodel, so it’s no surprise that many luxury homeowners in Destin are considering a revamp.

When planning a remodel, the contractor you put behind your project can make or break the final result. Thus, it’s imperative that you do your research and carefully vet your options before settling on the best contractor that fits your goals. While there are many essential factors to consider, including their experience and past projects, you also need to hire a contractor who is fully licensed and insured.

Keep reading to learn why hiring a licensed and insured Destin contractor is critical when searching for Destin custom home builders.

Florida’s licensing requirements

Each state has its own set of requirements for contractors, so it's important to be familiar with Florida’s laws before hiring a contractor for your remodeling project. That way, you can rest assured that you are working with a professional who is up to the standards set by the state.

Types of licenses

Contractors working on residential and commercial builds are required to have a license to practice in Florida.

It’s important to note that Florida recognizes two types of licenses: the certified license and the registered license. Both licenses are issued through the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Contractors with a certified license can work anywhere within the state, whereas having a registered license will require that the contractor operates only within certain local jurisdictions.

Contractors may also receive specific licenses, such as a building contractor license (for buildings no taller than three stories), a residential contractor license (for buildings no taller than two stories), or a general contractor license (no height restrictions).

Other specialties include an electrical contractor license, a mechanical contractor license, a solar contractor license, and an irrigation specialty contractor license. Contractors who work on designing, excavating, and installing swimming pools also require a special license.

Keep in mind that not every task in your renovation project will require a licensed contractor to complete it. For instance, minor repairs like mounting shelves or cabinets, replacing doors and windows, painting, and tile repairs, do not require state licensure. However, contractors who perform these tasks must still be registered within the local area.


In order to be licensed in Florida, contractors need to carry a certain amount of insurance coverage. Practicing contractors must carry workers’ compensation insurance, public liability insurance, and property damage liability insurance. Contractors can also opt for coverage that goes above and beyond these requirements. These extras can include professional liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and business equipment protection.

Benefits of working with a licensed contractor

Homeowners looking to hire a contractor for a home remodel should research their options carefully to ensure they are teaming up with someone who is highly skilled and held to professional standards. Hiring a licensed contractor will ensure you receive the highest quality work on your luxury Destin home.

Verified knowledge and skills

To achieve their Florida state license, contractors must pass the state certification exam and have at least four years of experience, either through work experience or a combination of work and college experience. They must be at least 18 years old, pay appropriate fees, pass a background check and fingerprinting, and receive a passing score on the Florida State Construction Examination. The exam takes several hours and covers project management, business and finance, and contract administration.

Because of the experience and qualifications required, hiring a licensed contractor means you’re teaming up with someone who possesses a proven skillset and knowledge in the industry. To be a licensed contractor in Florida takes skill and dedication to hone their craft. Ensuring your contractor is licensed means you are entrusting your home remodel to those who have dedicated their profession to getting the job done right.

A systematic approach to the project

The same training and experience that allowed your contractor to achieve their license also taught them how to manage a project effectively.

In any home build or renovation project, there are numerous moving parts your contractor will have to juggle. From ordering materials to managing subcontractors and communicating with the team, your contractor will have many jobs to fill. A licensed contractor is highly trained and knows how to take a systematic approach to completing the project on time without any major setbacks.

Getting it in writing

A licensed contractor will provide a thorough, clearly-written contract to help you understand all the aspects of the remodel. Your contract will include information on the license and insurance your contractor carries, payment plans, and completion schedules. This document will help homeowners oversee their remodel and make sure everything is moving along successfully.

Trained to follow state and federal requirements

Both the state and national governments have numerous rules and regulations in place that contractors must follow. Licensed contractors are trained to understand and meet all the requirements for each project. This is important because, if you ever plan on selling your Destin home, you will want to ensure all work is done under the proper permits and in compliance with such regulations.

Ready to get started on your remodeling project?

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